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Religious communities and places in Finland


A map of the religious places in Finland

Religions on the Map is a religiously and politically independent project. The information we use is public. Feedback and tips are more than welcome: uskonnotkartalla(at) 
By saying ‘religious places’ we refer to the different gathering places of different communities, who practice religious activity. We are not aiming to list different religious communities, but their premises. Thus those communities lacking their own premises are not covered by the service.

A couple of words of the classifications: Google Maps allows attaching three different sub-categories to the map. Since the amount of Lutheran Christians is high, we have decided to include Lutheran Christians as their own sub-category, which is grouped according to different communities inside the movement. After Lutheran Christians, the biggest group are the other Christian movements, which also form their own category. The third category includes other religious movements, which can be observed according to different movements. We have aimed to be as informative as possible when forming the categories. When observing each spot, you can view information regarding that particular religious community. 

How to use the map:

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In our work we have utilized the data base of the Religions in Finland project, a joint effort of the Church Research Institute and the Research Network for the Study of New Religions in Finland (USVA). 

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Our service can be utilized for teaching in many ways. 

- Religions in Finland: What different religions pupils have in their neighborhood or in different cities in Finland?  

- Teaching of world religions 

- Different Christian communities  

Example exercises

Find the religious communities that are situated closest to your home. Which are they?

How many Orthodox churches there are in Helsinki? Where are they situated?

What different revivalist movements belong to the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Finland? Can you find the movements from the map?

How have you used the Religions on the Map online service in our teaching? Give us examples! info(at)